Open daily from December 1st 10am – 4pm

Explore sea life

Learn all about the TeHāwere-a-Maki Goat Island Marine Reserve and

its ocean inhabitants with videos from the field and interactive displays.

Group bookings

Gather your whānau, kura/schools, clubs,  probus, corporate, tours and

youth groups to book in for one of our renowned educational experiences.

Holiday programmes

Rally budding marine scientists to come and enjoy our fun and

science-based activities during the next school holidays.

Get up close with Aotearoa New Zealand’s marine life, through our range of displays and interactive activities for all ages. Our microscopes will allow you to get up close with live animals and walk through the sound corridor to hear an acoustic symphony of shrimp snapping, kina munching and whales singing in our big blue backyard. Then head out back to explore our living aquaria where you can hold a live kina or seastar, observe kōura and much more.  

Where to find us

Goat Island Road, Leigh 0985, Auckland.

From the car parking area, walk down the hill to Goat Island beach, continue across the beach and up the other side following the signs along the path. It is an 8-minute walk.

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